THE Gift Book for Dog Lovers

Hours of laughter for dog lovers.

This beautifully illustrated best-in-show humor anthology includes quotes and articles from Dave Barry Ellen DeGeneres Jerry Seinfeld The New Yorker The Onion Paula Poundstone Steven Wright Mark Twain Jay Leno David Letterman Merrill Markoe George Carlin James Thurber Rita Rudner Bill Maher Wanda Sykes Erma Bombeck Wendy Liebman Jeff Foxworthy Demetri Martin, and many more.

Plus hilarious tweets from normal folks like you!

  • Dave Barry will advise you on the best dog food for your dog (for starters, be sure you get “brown dog food”).
  • Jerry Seinfeld makes this observation: “On my block, a lot of people walk their dogs and I always see them walking along with their little poop bags. This, to me, is the lowest activity in human life. Following a dog with a little scooper.”
  • Ellen DeGeneres tells you about her dogs’ intelligence (“I’m smarter than my dogs. Well, smarter than one of my dogs”).
  • The Onion will give you tips on “Choosing the Right Dog for You” (“First, decide which type of dog hair you want to stick to everything you own for the rest of your life.”)
  • The Onion also offers valuable tips for training your dog (“Start with simple commands like ‘sit’ before working your way up to the more complicated ones like ‘fill the gaping void in my life'”).
  • A New Yorker piece entitled “Things I Want to Ask My Dog” poses questions many of us would like to ask our dogs — such as: “That time I came home and the garbage was all over the kitchen floor, and you acted like you couldn’t remember how it happened because you ‘live in the moment,’ did you actually remember? Be honest.”
  • Humorist Jack Handey offers up this advice: “Better not take a dog on the space shuttle, because if he sticks his head out when you’re coming home his face might burn up.”

And MUCH, MUCH more.