George Foster — Laugh out loud, a lot!

The best funny stuff, over and over. A great one-liner or an essay, whatever you’re in the mood for. I don’t normally laugh out loud reading a book so this is special.

Robert Edgeworth — More than a great gift.

I bought this as a gift, but when it arrived, I started to glance through it. I liked it so much that I decided to keep it for myself. Don’t blame me. They liked the salt lamp I gave them instead.

You don’t have to like cats to like the book. You only need to like humor. It is a thick book, full of all variety of humor about cats, and it goes way beyond the standard, “Dogs make us proud, and cats make us humble” stuff. That would get old, but this book doesn’t. I love it, and highly recommend.

Secret — A cat owner’s guide to survival.

As an owner of two cats I know firsthand the only way to survive their antics is to laugh. This book captures the laughs (and tears) of cats through a great chorus of voices. Our copy travels from the coffee table to the car to the kitchen counter (and, I dare say, the bathroom) . . . maybe it’s the cats? Or maybe we just can’t put it down. Highly recommended (by our cats and our family).

Linda Egenes — A perfect gift for cat lovers.

As this books says, ”As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.” So true, yet, we love our cats. The Pearson brothers have captured the wisdom and humor of being a cat lover, which makes this a great gift for anyone who is fortunate enough to own a cat. Contains laugh-out-loud anecdotes and quotes from Dave Barry, Ellen DeGeneres, the New Yorker, and much more. Loved the Twitter posts from ordinary folks too.

Reading this now — Reading this now.

Very funny. Think I met every cat I ever knew in this collection. And all of those who couldn’t have cared less that I sought their acquaintance. Brilliant. Catnip for cat keepers.

Flying Tiger — Funny.

Totally hilarious book.

Brad Moses — For anyone who just wants to feel better.

First off – I’m allergic to cats. I am fascinated by them – from the cuddliest tiniest house cat to the the largest predatory tiger — but still, I am allergic to them. On the rare occasions when I’ve pet a cat and become lost in their affection, beauty, grace, purring and instant loving bonding, I’ve eventually had to leave this beautiful space and go wash my hands quickly before I unconsciously touch my eyes or rub my nose.

A friend gave me this book and I started skimming through it several days afterwards wondering how I’d find the time to read it. I soon found myself becoming lost in the fascinating stories and humorous quotes and poems from so many cat lovers and owners.

This is a must read for anyone who just wants to feel better. It’s not a real substitute for actually having a cat — but from my allergy imposed hands off perspective, it is a wonderful substitute. BUT – beware. If allergic, you may find yourself thinking about allergy medication and acquiring a cat as you read on. Good luck.

Jeffrey Moses — For cat lovers.

Being more of a dog person myself (having grown up with a rather imperious German Shepard in charge of our household), I wasn’t sure how I’d take to this book, which from the first page on is quite clearly dedicated to cat lovers. No worries, the book is clever, humorous, and even sincerely moving in sections. I cannot imagine anyone with a cat or two or three or more in the house not loving every page of this book.

JO — A Must Read for Dog Lovers Everywhere And Everyone Else Too!

I received this book as a gift and what a wonderful surprise. I have a three-year-old puppy and every page in this book was relatable. Funny, laugh-out-loud humor. A perfect coffee table peice for every home. It has worked in mine already. My mother and sisters have picked it up during visits and have become engrossed in reading it. A great gift. A great read. A great keep. Thanks to the authors for writing a light and easy, funny, talk about book.

Flying Tiger — HaHa

Super funny book. I liked the one about cats too.

George Foster — Really top level humor.

Totally enjoyable. Best humorists gathered together is a great concept. One gem after another. I don’t normally laugh out loud reading a book, but this is an exception. Thank you for putting this very funny book together. A keeper.

Reading this now — Hilarious and so true.

Prediction: all dog-friendly or dog-dominated Sapiens will love this. Stories, jokes, anecdotes and quips. All in the key of Arf. Genuinely funny collection!

Ms. Secret — Perfect for coffee table…and other places you might sit and read for a while.

We bought this for our kids as a Christmas present and as a way to bring levity to the daily chaos of owning two large dogs. Never would I imagine that each of us would read this book cover to cover–not only is each snippet hilarious, but the book is compiled in a way that you just can’t put it down. It’s like story-telling through bite-size bits of humor–just fantastic!

Barry — Open to any page and find yourself laughing.

I purchased this book along with its companion book focusing on cats. They are absolutely delightful. Weary of the generally nasty state of affairs in America? Pick up one of these charming books and open to any page. They provide welcome distraction from that nastiness. While not MANDATORY, I think owning a pet adds to the fun. I find myself saying “That’s my Benny” on just about every page. If you love your pet and you love to laugh, these books provide nearly endless enjoyment.

Linda Egenes A favorite book for every dog lover.

I love this quote “The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.” Alternating between the wise and whimsical, this book captures the endearing, comical and loveable traits of man’s best friend. It’s the perfect gift for dog-lover friends. And if you don’t yet love a dog, you will after reading this book.

Robert Edgeworth — Not the same old dog stuff. Better, much better. Well, and some classics too.

A substantially large book, which I like, as I had to pay for it. It is a collection. You don’t have to start in the beginning and read to the end to be satisfied. You can find satisfaction on any page. Certainly a great gift, but it is a book I like having for myself. Within the confines of being dog related humor, the variety is vast. I don’t usually give 5 stars in reviews, but what’s not to like here.